Ziggle-It’s first published volumes feature inspiring images ready for you to place your own creative mark.
In a fast paced world it can be liberating to do something just for the fun of it. Ziggle-It gives you the opportunity to rediscover a lost pastime. Sure, you may sit with your children, nieces, nephews or friends children and colour in cartoon characters or sunny flowers. But how about intricate patterns, some of your favourite masterpieces viewed in the world’s greatest galleries.

The Ziggle-It series is meant to remind us to not take life too seriously, and when serious matters do arise, there is always time to be stolen for yourself to relax and have fun. The world of Ziggle-It will continue to evolve as our Zigglers put together their wish-lists of images which will result in our future collections. We already have loads of fun ideas and can not wait to share them with you.
Have fun, get Ziggling!

Ziggle-It! Masterful Paintings

features 21 paintings selected for their eye catching appeal, contrast in shape, and opportunity to rework something which you have potentially long admired or wished you could mimic. If your favourite master isn’t represented, all is not lost. Vote for your favourite image with Ziggle the Zebra, and who knows the next volume may well feature your wished for art piece.

Ziggle-It! Patterns

includes 21 Ziggles inspired by images and patterns seen throughout world-wide travels.  There is something for everyone, with the book divided into three sections.  Fun Circles features designs which all originate from a central point and have been inspired by tiles seen in countries such as Morocco, Turkey and Italy.  Bold Design is a mishmash of imagery or fabrics seen in some of the worlds most amazing marketplaces.  Zany Lines are just that, repetitions of motifs found in everyday life, and will be the ones which probably require a break away from the page every now and then – to rest the eyes.