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Cover page_Masterful PaintingsThe first creation in the Ziggle-It Series.Inspired by the great masters seen in magnificent galleries around the world.  Wouldn’t it be fun to put your own stamp of creativity on such recognisable masterpieces.21 masterful line drawings.  From Botticelli to Van Gogh, marvel at some of the worlds greatest masterpieces, and then bring them to life with your own flourish of colour.Purchase your very own print-to-order copy from










Patterns_Page zigglecover_patterns_singlepages_FRONT21 line drawings inspired by images and patterns seen throughout world-wide travels. Fun Circles features designs which all originate from a central point and have been inspired by tiles seen in countries such as Morocco, Turkey and Italy.  Bold Design is a mishmash of imagery or fabrics seen in some of the worlds most amazing marketplaces.  Zany Lines are just that, repetitions of motifs found in everyday life, and will be the ones which probably require a break away from the page every now and then – to rest the eyes.

Purchase your very own print-to-order copy from