Founder of Ziggle-It!Welcome to a world you are familiar with, but one which you may not have visited for a while: Colouring in!

Ziggle-It is a collection of colouring books designed with big kids in mind, with many fabulous ideas, the range will fast become a new trend in stress-free creativity.

The Mission

We are boldly setting out to create a movement amongst big kids where they find space for creativity and fun.  Ziggle-It is meant to be relaxed, something you don’t have to take too seriously.  A fun gift, the perfect past-time alone, at home, with friends, whilst out and about.

Why Ziggle-It?

What makes Ziggle-It unique is the Ziggler-driven collaboration for future series.  Zigglers will be able to tell us what they want to colour and we will build future collections around these wish lists.  With voting in place for future series, you will get to colour what you want to colour.

Who are Zigglers?

We are a collective of adults who just want to take time out to have fun!  We give each other permission to partake in a stress-free activity, where the outcome can only be positive.  We look forward to creating with you, and to hearing your fun Ziggle stories on our Zigglers page where you can show us your creations.


So without further ado, happy Ziggling!

Tania Bearsley (Founder) & the Ziggle-It Team